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Powerful dispatching solution in the palm of your hand!


On the go dispatching module enables you to manage your whole fleet from your smartphone and collect full- or prepayments with one click.

Customer accountability

After making a non-refundable prepayment customer is committed only to your services.

Low risk

Our solution helps you prevent loss of revenue due to mid-way cancelations or fraud.

Easy to use

Based on the input our dispatch algorithm will show you the most nearest and suitible truck for the job.


Desktop dispatch module

If you have a dedicated operator, then that is the right tool to use. A full desktop view, clear design, and overview of the whole fleet will make operators’ work much easier and more productive. The operator can collect payments and manually select which tow truck to dispatch or can leave dispatching to our smart dispatching system.

On the go dispatch module

This solution is ideal for an owner-operator who is in the field with his employees. During the customer call just fill out the form, send the payment link and send out the truck that our algorithm has chosen for this job.

Driver app

This module is meant for tow truck drivers. Using this app they can receive or decline work, get directions to the customer’s location, get all necessary information about the case, and contact the customer via phone call or SMS.

Payment module


To finalize the order send the customer SMS with a payment link directly from the dispatching module and wait for the payment confirmation. We have all bank links and credit card payment options.

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